How can I change my artwork after it's been submitted?

If you have walked through check out and received a confirmation that the order has been placed, you will need our customer service staff to "unlock" the project so that you upload a new file.

This is possible to do without incurring additional charges up until the order moves into production. After the project goes into the production phase, we are not able to change out the artwork without having to charge you to produce new printed files or discs since the artwork has already been prepped and sent to the presses.

Please call our Post sales team as soon as you know that a change needs to happen. This could add additional days to your production time.


If you have not yet submitted your order, you can delete files and replace them without incurring any costs or difficulty. Simply access the pdf upload page by logging into My Account and clicking on the "complete this project" link. Go the Art section and then the submission method. Walk through to the upload page and delete the files that you no longer want. A new upload link will appear for you to upload the file.

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