Why am I getting an error when I try to pay for my project?

There are many reasons that you might get an error.

Check the card number entered against the physical card. Sometimes the numbers are entered incorrectly.

You must enter a valid CVV code from the back of your card for every order for security reasons.

If the card has been declined by your bank, you should contact your bank to find out why. (They do not advise of the reason to us). Sometimes it's because you have a daily spending limit that has been exceeded, the expiration date is incorrect, or you have some information not correctly formatted.

If you do not supply the correct BILLING address for the card and it is drawn on a US bank, the order will be delayed until we receive a "verifiable" address from you.

If you are using an international credit card, we may require additional information to verify that you are the cardholder.

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